The Legislated Realms of Gehenna

Gehenna is a plane created by Nergath to serve as center of Divine Law in the universe. It appears as a nearly endless expanse of pale grey land, the bleak horizon broken up by scattered mountains and massive structures or cities. All flora and fauna native to Gehenna are varying shades of grey, black, and white. While the plane is aligned with Law, it is considered by its creator to be neutral ground, and the Pitiless Queen works tirelessly to promote a code of rules and guidelines for the Divine to act by.


The Cliffs of Possibility

A massive ridge on the Eastern Edge of Gehenna, the Cliffs of Possibility are a sheer drop into nothingness. They mark the eastern boundary of the plane, and appear to be an overlook. The material plane appears in the black space below, and leaping from the cliffs will send you hurtling down to the Material. The Cliffs of Possibility are permanently shrouded in a pale fog that occasionally shimmers with one of the colours of the rainbow.

The Inevitable City

The Inevitable City lies as the center of Gehenna, and is a large city built of grey-black marble with streaks of white. The City is inhabited by functionaries that serve Divine Law, cataloguing and arbitrating everything that happens. It is within the Inevitable City that the Concilium Deorum is held, and the Divine Court of Nergath executes and enforces the Laws laid down by the Godly collective.



Name Rank Domains Home
Nergath Fledgling Deity Death (Souls of the Dead), Law (Divinity) The Inevitable City


Name Rank Description
None N/A No mortals currently dwell in Gehenna.
Souls N/A The souls of the dead who had free will. Most are those who are being sorted by Nergath, a few are the Faithless who are to be punished.


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