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Living Deities

Deity Name Rank Domains (Portfolios) Alignment Progenitor
Alcandor Ballard Fledgling Deity Sun (Energy), Strength (Courage) Chaotic Good Her Luminance
Baloma Fledgling Deity Inspiration (Artifice), Metal (Protection) Neutral Good Mirmulnir
Fáin Fledgling Deity Freedom (Travel), Protection (Hospitality) Neutral Good The Creator
Her Luminance Fledgling Deity Fire (Light), Order (Control) Lawful Neutral The Creator
Maya Lesser Deity Luck (Chance), Games (Strategy), Hope (Possibility), Magic (Elemental) Chaotic Good Mazathustra
Mazathustra Fledgling Deity Civilization (Politics), Wealth (Commerce) Neutral Good The Creator
Mirmulnir Fledgling Deity Knowledge (Secrets), Magic (Forbidden) Chaotic Neutral The Creator
Nergath Fledgling Deity Death (Souls of the Dead), Law (Divinity), Balance (Stability) Lawful Evil The Creator
Sahu Fledgling Deity Water (Darkness), War (Slaughter) Chaotic Evil The Creator
Skyen Lesser Deity Sky (Storm), Love (Family), Blood Lines (Hereditary Traits), Magic (Love), The Cosmos (Preservation) Neutral Good The Creator
Sunev Rolias Fledgling Deity Nature (Beauty), Love (Joy), Plants (Growth) Chaotic Good Skyen
Syrid Fledgling Deity Good (Guidance), Darkness (shadow) Neutral Good Fáin
Uelticrat Fledgling Deity Animal (Vermin), Magic (Undeath) Neutral Evil The Creator
Uraneth Fledgling Deity Water (Rivers), Sorrow (Loss) Lawful Evil Sahu
Uyani Fledgling Deity Healing (Restful Dreams), Madness (Nightmares) True Neutral Fáin

Mortal Races

Species Rank Short Description Creator
Star Guardians Fabled Large canine creatures composed of the energy of the sun. Alcandor Ballard
Obsidian Spiders Beast Man-sized unliving spiders made of black stone. Uelticrat
Swalbatrows Beast White-Grey Swallows the size of an albatross. Fáin
Magma Tortoise Beast Large turtles with high body temperatures that dwell in magma. Her Luminance
Sunsnake Beast Desert dwelling serpent that can suck water from living things. Her Luminance
Kraken Fabled Massive tentacled Sea monsters with a penchant for slaughter. Sahu
Sea Serpents Beast Massive blue-scaled serpents that dwell in the water and eat almost anything. Maya
Okuya Mundane Small humanoids with quick reflexes and curious personalities. Maya
Thunderbirds Fabled Large intelligent birds with the powers of thunder and lightning. Skyen
Hartmen Magical Humanoids with heightened senses and physical prowess. Skyen
Yanori Magical Humanoids with the ability to change their physical features. Uyani
Midgard Serpents Magical Intelligent, bloodthirsty, and greedy Sea Serpents with red scales. Sahu
Shalkagh Beast Okuya sized raptors with a penchant for constant screaming. Uelticrat
Trees of Life Beast Massive trees networked into a hive-mind, holding the memory of the planet. Sunev
Molnar Mundane Mole men from the depths that dig new paths between nations. Have trouble with light. Baloma

Heroes and Demigods

Name Patron Description
Simza Mazathustra A secretary for the god of commerse.
Mirgoroth Mirmulnir A strange rock-water-squid thing that was the first non-divine life. A servant of Mirmulnir and bringer of madness and magic.
Masat Maya An Okuya of great courage and curiosity, the first mortal Wizard.

Named Mortals (non heroes)

Name Race-Location Description
Jaya Okyua-Illyria One of the eldest scouts in Masat’s village, is now insane
Akhat Okyua-Illyria An elder of Masats tribe, taking care of the maddened at the foot of the first sub-gradient’s mountain
Lyra Uyani-unknown Prophet of Uyani
Valerius Titan-Harenia Magnus A gentle stone carver, taught medicine by Masat in exchange for stone carving
Kallos Elf – Madras Holds purple wand, natural leader to elfs on Madras, inventor of bow
Elder Kaval Okyua-Illyria Tempted by the god of the undead
Tama Okyua-Illyria a miner, fist to meet a Molnar
Morkar Molnar-Illyria A Molnar, with Tama
Mimnar Molnar-Volcanaan/Tower of Night A Young Molnar, leading two gods underground
Kaliko Elf-Volcanaan One of the greatest hunters on volcanaan, in contact with Molnar
Kasha Elf- volcanaan The first orc, leader of a warband on volcanaan, holds orange rose
Marcella Okyua-Illyria a medic in training, holds pink rose
Azrael Unknown An angel sent form nergath
Kuni Elf-deceased killed by Kasha in a coup
Kassandros elf-Gadras a partier and stoner, addicted to manna
Kisil Elf- Volcaanan The first bard, escaped from Orcs
Kraven Elf- Gadras Leader of the Bladesingers, holds the white wand
Kaitlyn keewood Okyua- Fains landing a sailor, exploring the horizon
Master Idris Okyua-Fidhe (Illyria) An alchemist and metallurgist, studying new metals.
Ulfric Stormbringer Hartenia (In Gadras and Madras) The first King of Hartenia, and founder of the Stormbringer Dynasty
The Stormbringer Clan Hartsman – Gadras and Madras Ruling House Of Hartenia, the first Hartsman Civilization, a Dynastic Clan who must adhere to certain societal laws. In other words, this is a cross between an Absolute Monarchy and a Representative Republic. It’s Elders act like members of Parliament while the Stormbringers are the Aristocracy and Royalty. Technically a member of the Elder’s Council can be a Stormbringer Aristocrat, but Elders always Represent certain regions throughout Hartenia.

Artefacts and Relics

Relic Name Creator Owner Description
Maul of the Forgelord Baloma Baloma The first tool of construction in this world, capable of inspiring great ideas and inventiveness in mortal minds.
The Circle of Binding Nergath Nergath A nigh indestructible circle with the power to neutralize the physical and magical might of any being trapped inside.
The First Rose Sunev Rolais Sunev Rolais A mysterious relic said to be the first rose ever created. It’s powers are unknown.
The Lake of Sorrow Uraneth Uraneth An intelligent lake, which warps the land around it.
Artefact Name Creator Owner Description
The Feather of Oovi Fàin Masat Oovi gave one of his feathers to a young Okuya, who was the first to show him compassion.
The Rose Wands Sunev Rolais Kallos, Unknown Ten roses, one of each colour rose. They have varying abilities depending on color, and all are beneficial.

Timeline of Important Divine Events

All events are listed in terms of D.S.C., or “Divine Standard Count”. Each Rollover advances the Divine Standard Count by one.

Name Short Description Date
Dawn of Time The Interplay of the Everlord and the Great Devourer ends, creating time and all the Deities. 0 D.S.C.
Creation of the Sun Her Luminance creates a vast ball of hydrogen gas and fusion, and sets Gravity into motion. 0 D.S.C.
Creation of the Rainbow Tubes Fáin creates the Rainbow Tubes, a series of extra dimensional tunnels that connect all the planes. 0 D.S.C.
Creation of Gehenna Nergath creates the plane of Gehenna, a neutral ground for gods. 0 D.S.C.
First Concilium Deorum The first council of gods lays down the foundations for the rules of Divine Conduct. 1 D.S.C.

Timeline of Important Mortal Events
|Name|Short Description|Date|
|Pre-Mortal|Skyen creates the source for all mortal life to derive Love from. |O D.S.C|

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