Alcandor Ballard

God of the Sun and Courage


Alcandor Ballard, The Blessed Berserker.

Played by: Fan
Domains: Sun (Energy), Strength (Courage)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Description: The first manifested deity to come from an existing geological feature, spawned out of the raw mass of a star he is the holy manifestation of the Sun and it’s power. A boisterous man with seemingly endless stamina and a short fuse he’s as likely to answer a mortal’s prayers with benevolence as he is to smite a heathen for daring to besmirch his name, though this also applies to his potential relations with other deities, his quick to anger nature will earn him no friends, but his steadfastness and dedication to those who stand by him will make him a worthy ally.

Alcandor manifests as a massive scarlet haired man covered in scars of varying nature, a crimson beard the only well kept feature he had as the rest of him spoke of constant battle, adorned in fine armor that covered him from head to toe in gleaming gold that bore a thousand filigrees and gilded as if crafted by the finest artisans any race had to offer, bulging muscles barely constrained by the armor and a set of golden gauntlets detailed with the best articulation a divine artisan can create a statement to any who would challenge him, he needs no weapons, for the strength of a god is not in what artifacts he can create, but in the hands of the god who wields those weapons, though between this and the glowing orange red eyes on black scelera the challengers for the God of Strength would always be few from the realms of men, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. To be challenged by anything less than the bravest and best from the mortal world would be an insult to everything he was, and he’s quick to strike down any who he believes unworthy of attempting his challenges, and this has earned the boisterous God of The Sun a reputation for being wrathful and angry. Though the angry part is usually never too far off, given his nature his temper tends to flare often at any major offense. However, he is notoriously generous to his followers, and thus courting the favor of this God while difficult, is always hugely rewarded.

Though this all seems to stem from the belief that one has to live larger, be kinder, rage harder, and be more dedicated to the cause they represent in order to truly be worthy of representing their concepts, and finds those who treat their obligations only as a duty rather than a passion and a way of life to be betraying their concepts. For The God of Strength seeks to honor those who excel in all things, and build themselves up to be paragons of an ideal, for strength goes far beyond the physical.


Alcandor Ballard

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