God of Defence and Artifice


Baloma, Angel in the Angle

Played By: Eshkigal
Domains: Inspiration (Artifice), Metal (Protection)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Description: Baloma is a god who cares about the function of himself and others, and enabling them to find their grand purpose. Despite being mostly genderless, Baloma is a he due to the mentality he shares with others, one of a doting but stern grandfather, trying to help each person who turns to him find a happiness in themselves, but also willing to literally drag man and god alike to fulfill the function they claim to perform. He has found that, often times, a warming smile or a look of disappointment can say volumes that words cannot-however, no one is quite sure how he does this as he has no facial muscles.

Baloma normally appears as a strong but old man made of iron and steel, pocked and worn in spots from what seems to be age and combat, new plates grafted on where holes have begun forming through him. His appearance from there tends to go between a blacksmith and a healer’s appearance, routinely changing as he feels his role in a matter befits. When the mood strikes him, or when it is useful for movement or covering another’s back, four wings forged from shards of shattered shields extend from his back, jagged appearance still showing an element of protection for those who would hide beneath them.



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