Her Luminance

Goddess of Light and Control


Her Luminance, The Lord of Light, Purifier of the Wicked, The Glory

Played By: Phobia
Domains: Fire (Light), Order (Control)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Description: This world is a tumultuous place full of chaos and that must be stopped. There must always be a shinning beacon of raging light to purify that darkness, for good. Her Luminance burns away all that is wicked and unclean leaving only righteousness. When she chooses to delight the earth in her presence it is as a burning effigy of light, a very tall elven woman looking serene covered in roaring flames that cover her nudity. In her left hand she carries a book of laws that all creatures must obey and in her right she carries a sword that shines as brightly as the sun. Sometimes her face may appear stern but it never gets much beyond serene even while she burns the unclean.

These laws give purpose to the squirming mass of flesh that must call itself life and without purpose there would be no point in those things living. She hath declared these certain things law so that no creature should go against it. This must be the creator’s divine will because Her Luminance would not have been formed in the first place. Thus everything that is declared law by the very gods must be observed and respected. Mortals must be obedient to the divines because that is their sole purpose in life and in death. Those that do not obey are wicked and must be cleansed. If not the world may fall back into it’s original chaos. Society must form and rules must be set down for a proper world to exist, everything must be binded together, recorded, and cataloged. So sayeth Her Luminance.


Her Luminance

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