Goddess of Slaughter and the Abyss


Sahu, Queen of Slaughter, Mistress of the Deep, The Apocalypse

Played By: Anubis Dread
Domains: Water (Darkness), War (Slaughter)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Description: Sahu is a monster, plain and simple. Her form changes often, but it is always in the form of some kind of monstrous water creature. A serpent with thousands of razor sharp teeth, the skin of which wriggles and pulses with the presence of a thousand worms. A kraken with gaping maws where suckers would be. A half giant, half angler fish creature with slimey white skin. These are her more popular forms. When in a form that could not survive on land she simply swims through air as she would deep water, and light seems to dim in her presence.

The world was once water and nothing else. That it became full of things such as ‘land’, and ‘air’, and ‘life’ is anthema. An abomination. One day the land will sink back into the ocean, the air will turn as choking dust, and even the life in her ocean shall choke and die to leave nothing but stagnant water in the world. She relishes in this image, she pushes for this fact, but she knows she must play the long game. It is inevitable, she must merely hasten it. Her people are as mad and doom obsessed as herself, and her tenants are simply to slaughter and be slaughtered, to spill blood in her name. She is free with her power, and many turn to her for it and are driven blood mad in the proccess. First and foremost though she is the mistress of the ocean, and all the horrors within it.



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