Sunev Rolias

Goddess of Beauty and Love


Sunev Rolias, the Girl in the Garden

Played By: Sean
Domains: Nature (Beauty), Love (Joy)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Description:Sunev is, above all else, a goddess of joy. Like her father, she represents an aspect of love, but her love is wild and free; happiness and laughter rather than stolid duty. Ever naive and wondering, she does her best to shelter lovers from the consequences of their actions. The girl who follows her childhood sweetheart to the army will, rather than finding him with another woman, enjoy a joyous reunion. The woman forced into an arranged marriage who runs away with an enchanting stranger will escape her duties with no consequence. Because of her intervention, True Love really does overcome most obstacles.

Besides just love, Sunev represents the beauty of nature. It is a wonder indeed how few things in nature are just cruel ugly implements of purpose. That is a human invention. Swords and guns are ugly instruments of death. But there is beauty in the sleek form of a racing wolf, in the coiled strength of a hunting cat. There is beauty in a storm-tossed sea, and in the lights dancing above the arctic. Flowers and mountain pools; sunsets and the moon shining off the water; crystalline caves and soaring peaks; the cry of a hunting hawk and the delicate flap of a butterfly’s wings. Wherever you look, there is beauty in nature, and the joy such beauty can bring.

She will fight, then, against the march of progress. Against oceans turned to sludge, war-torn lands, blocky towers raised to the sky. Against the felling of forest havens, the damming of laughing rivers. Against pain, and death, and war. And just because there is beauty in one of her father’s storms, or in the majestic crash of an avalanche, does not make it any less dangerous.

She appears as a teenaged girl, with hair the green of the first leaves of spring, crowned with flowers in full bloom. Her eyes are the darker color of moss on a fallen log. Garbed in a simple dress of pale green, with her feet left bare, wherever she goes she walks as though dancing.


Sunev Rolias

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