God of Storms and Family


3486-6330.jpgSkyen, The Sky Master

Played By: Darth Arminius
Domains: Sky (Storm), Love (Family), Bloodlines (Hereditary Traits), Magic (Love), The Cosmos (Preservation)
Alignment: Neutral good/Lawful Good tendencies

Description: He appears as man in his late twenties to mid-thirties. He has a little stubble on his face and light purple hair. He also possesses brown eyes. Many women appear to see him as “handsome”.

Skyen is the god of the Sky, wind and clouds, but most of all, the storm. He is a manifestation of love brought into divine form. While love never literally manifested him, he is the embodiment of a loving father, the honorable brother, and the loving caretaker who brings in orphans. The Sky, and more specifically, the Storm is the Sky Master’s weapon, and is the sword he uses to fight for his loved ones. The fury of a protective Father, the rage of a heart broken mother who has seen the murder of her children as she returns to her home with a wood cutting axe, and the lover armed with only his fist and thrown rocks as he sees his beloved assaulted by criminals. His thunderbolts destroy the enemy with utter rage!

He is capable of manifesting the calm before the storm, however. He can be calm, collected and wise. His serene peace can not be broken, as he manifests his pure anger as his his family is threatened, he controls himself with the utmost reserve during personal situations with others. The Sky Master is great in his love, and bestows the eunuch with wholeness so he may love the beauty and beget children in unbroken blood lines. He bestows women with children who are usually too old, or barren to give birth. He can even cause love to endure forever between lovers, the child and the parent.

Love it’self can be a highly protective, and even offensive force of power. When someone’s family is in danger, they are more likely to act fiercely and violently. Threaten to smash someone’s limbs and tear out his heart with your bare hands, and he can, if he is a very mighty man of valor, not bat an eye in the face of death. Threaten his family, however, and he may use the sharp ends of the very same fingers you broke off of his hands to stab you in the eye, bit off your face and perhaps deafen you with a roar of anger. Worse still, he may come back from the dead to defend his family, or even at the absolute worst, he can come back and find you have already done the evil deed, and send you into an after life of hell where you are tormented by both him and his family for all eternity, because you have cut off his family line.

Also, if families become very large, it’s easier to raise armies, provide a nation with taxes, and of course, provide man power. Of course, many Kingdoms ran by hereditary systems will need to make sure they don’t anger Skyen. He just might decide to wipe their family line off the face of the world forever, if they are stupid enough to make him so angry.



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