God of Guidance and Shadows


Syrid, the Lantern Bearer.

Played by: squidpope
Domains and portfolios: Good (Guidance), Darkness (shadow)
Alignment: neutral good/true neutral tendencies

Description: Syrid’s Appearance to mortals is a perplexing sight, as light twists and bends around him in such a way that the figure seems to be constantly in shadow, despite the lines of glowing silver that seem to race along the seams of his cloak. Depictions of him often show a lantern or torch in one hand and a crook or staff in the other. It is easy to tell when Syrid is altering the world, as the sun appears to dim and moonlight seems somehow brighter. He is often seen at night, lantern held high, searching for he lost and wandering to return them to their rightful place.

Standing constantly in shadow has significantly colored his perspective on life, and perhaps more than any other god, Syrid sees morality in shades of gray. He does not believe that any being is entirely evil, and has been known to devote massive resources to help wayward souls see the value in what is good. Syrid enjoys leading groups or rival parties together until they reach mutual understanding or agreement. He believes in second chances, but that people need constant supervision and advice to truly change. Every time an evil soul becomes good, Syrid forges a single link of light onto a chain. He will never destroy an evil creature if it cannot be reasoned with, even to the point of letting it go, hoping it will eventually come to the light of its own accord.

Temples to Syrid can be found anywhere, and are usually built with a large tower at the topped with beacons, allowing wearing travelers to find asylum. They are sometimes built near prisons, allowing newly released convicts to redeem themselves. Temple leaders have been known to harbor fugitives in exchange for their word and a good action every day. Lighthouses are oft tended by his clerics to help those lost find home, and all buildings dedicated to Syrid have advisers for those seeking penance and guidance. Those who are simply looking for a place to sleep for the night are sent to a nearby temple of Fa’in if possible, as his temples are a sanctuary only for those that need it most: Those who live in shadow.



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