God of Vermin and Undeath


Uelticrat, The Cursor

Played By: Addzable
Domains: Animal (Vermin), Magic (Undeath)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Uelticrat is most commonly viewed an extremely tall male humanoid wearing a tattered and faded black robe with a dark red hood. If one was to look to his face they would see that it appeared it be a head-sized black spider, standing halfway out of his hood, its back half not visible due to the hood. Uelticrat’s hands (four fingers and a thumb, each) are covered by spiked, metallic gauntlets. His feet? Covered by the robe. Finally, it seems as if there is a constant red mist flowing out from underneath his robs, finding their release through his hood, sleeves, and the bottom of his robe.

Uelticrat’s primary followers are those who wish to gain power through the use of external powers, however “dirty” or “unfair” they may be deemed by others. From disease and poison, to magic which is deemed unsafe or unsavory, followers of The Cursor often use devious means to their ends which, more often than not, benefit none other than themselves.

Why would any being follow one such as Uelticrat? A life in the shadows, serving a god who is just as likely to turn its back on you than aid you? The answer is simple, The Cursor’s primary promise: Eternal Life.



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