Goddess of Sorrow and Rivers


Uraneth, The Weeping Goddess, The Lady in the Water

Played By: ToxicMind
Domains: Water (Rivers), Sorrow (Loss)
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Description: Uraneth is starkly beautiful to those who actually see her face. She almost always appears as a woman in white clothes, face shrouded from the world. The hem is endlessly stained with blood, and though she is almost always found in water, it never seems to wash away. Born of the Sorrow and pain of true loss, Uraneth is drawn inevitably to those who experience such emotions. She comforts such beings, but inevitably, they are consumed by the sorrow of her presence, and most take their own lives in anguish. Once, Uraneth would have felt guilt, but soon enough she came to see this death as the true end to sorrow and loss. Now, she feels no guilt, only seeing that end as inevitable.

Uraneth haunts waterways, though she stays far from the ocean, finding it strange for reasons even she does not fully understand. But where there is fresh water, Uraneth can be found, always hunting, searching for some unknowable and unattainable end to her own sorrow.



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