God of Nightmares and Restful Dreams


Uyani, The Slumbering God

Played By: ImNotTrevor
Domains: Healing (Restful Dreams), Madness (Nightmares)
Alignment: True Neutral

Description: Uyani, the Slumbering God. He reposes quietly, overlooking the dreams of all those who sleep. From the innocent child to the murderous demon, all who sleep dream in Uyani’s dreamscape. He judges not who needs rest, only their need for it. Those who go unnoticed will typically have strange or pleasant dreams, though those whose dreams pique his interest may find themselves awakening from the best sleep of their lives…or from a horrific nightmare. Uyani does not typically spend much time musing over which is more appropriate.
Those who worship Uyani understand his passive nature, and tend to walk a path of neutrality. They see nightmares and restful sleep alike as blessings from Uyani. One must accept the good and the bad to be truly free. Those who are faithful to Uyani may enter the dreamscape when they die. Most of his followers hope to die in their sleep, so that they need not journey to their new afterlife.
And what an afterlife it is! The dreamscape is malleable even to the whims of mortals, though none hold more sway than Uyani. To spend eternity in the dreamscape is to enjoy many of the benefits of being a god…with none of the responsibilities.

Uyani has two different “appearances.” The first is his actual, physical body. The second is his dreamself projection. The dreamself is insubstantial and cannot truly interact with the physical world, but it is capable of interacting with dreams. It acts as a focus for Uyani’s divinity while he sleeps. Killing it does not kill Uyani, but it does awaken him (usually in a very sour mood.) The dreamself can bestow blessings upon others, and is the method Uyani uses to communicate with other gods. (Most commonly by visiting them in their own sleep, if they sleep at all.)
Uyani’s physical body takes the form of a very tall obelisk with four faces. Two of the faces are white with red runes. The other two are black with blue runes. This Obelisk is Uyani’s sleeping body. When Uyani awakens, the obelisk separates into a head, two arms, and four squat legs. While in the form of an obelisk, Uyani stands approximately 125 feet tall, and 30 feet wide at the base. When he awakens, Uyani is around 150 feet tall.
The Dreamself is similarly halved, though it typically has a much smaller frame and more humanoid shape. Uyani’s dreamself projection (Hereafter referred to as “Uyani” because it is the same being projecting his will remotely, not a seperate entity) most often appears to be a masculine humanoid with its body bisected into two different materials. The materials will usually shift over time, but will remain opposed in some way. For instance, he may appear to be made of gold and dirt, water and fire, silk and steel, stone and whirling air currents, glowing cloud and dark mist, etc. However, Uyani will frequently change shape to better aid him in affecting the dreams of those whose minds enter his dreamscape.



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