The Kraken were Sahu’s first true living, breathing creation. As such one would expect them to be incomplete or lacking in some way. Instead, they were given far more divine power than they should have been, and an intellect and zealotry that could spell the end of the world. Forged from Sahu’s own blood, they are perhaps her ultimate creation.


There are three kinds of Kraken – True Kraken, Stream Kraken, and Magma Kraken.

True Kraken are native to the deep ocean. They will not be seen in shallow seas, nor ever on land. They are humongous octopi like creature, though they trend towards blue and green coloration than reds or pinks. Kraken are about as large as anything could be, and could be mistaken for an island if it were ever still.

Stream Kraken are found on Volcanaan, both on its coasts and in the Kraken’s Tentacles. They are by far the smallest of the Kraken, only being about half again the size of an ogre or small giant. They also have a rather unique physical form, looking almost like half octopi and half squid. They can and often do venture onto land to hunt, for they thirst for the blood of intelligent creatures above all others. They trend between white and blue in hue, usually falling between as a slightly blue white or cyan color.

Magma Kraken are only found in the earth’s magma core, in which they are (at least currently) the sole inhabitants. They are occasionally found on Volcanaan as well, but only for their Rite of Devouring and even then simply because the soil of Volcanaan is shallower than more or less anywhere else in the world. They are twice the size of a True Kraken when fully grown, which in turn means they are about half again as large as the Tarrasque. Thankfully for Volcanaan they are only about 3/5ths that size when performing the Rite of Devouring. They trend towards a spectrum of black and red, and have a constant steam come off of them from their body heat. Their bodies ignite the air around them, making them appear as if they were wreathed in flame.

Ecology of the True Kraken

The True Kraken, that is the Kraken of the open ocean know they have one mission. Kill everything. Everything is as anathema to the true state of the universe – an empty void, or at best an ocean with no beasts within it. As such a Kraken finds it to be its sacred duty to kill every living creature it comes across, and destroy every non-living thing it’s practical to do so to. That said a Kraken is cunning in its psychopathy. If it believes it can kill more people at a later date by, say, studying some now to discover their weaknesses, it will do so. If it believes shattering the earth itself would take too long as opposed to sinking ships, it will avoid attempting it. If it thinks that a mass trade route would be established if it let a ship go for now, it will let it go until the route is created, after which it will sink every ship that travels upon it.

The Kraken of the ocean do not age. They do need to eat, breathe water and sleep, but they are clinically immortal. What’s more a Kraken is often swimming from location from location for years, often in the deep ocean where it is pitch black and little living swims. As such Kraken are deep thinkers (albeit with minds beyond most mortal comprehension), patient beyond compare and more than a little insane. Since they don’t age and are incredible hard to kill things like ‘death’ and ‘legacy’ mean nothing to them. They exist to kill, find more effective ways to kill, and perhaps one day thousands or millions of years down the line be killed themselves. That’s all. Kraken do not breed, or mate, and their only concession to their other kin is to ignore them knowing that to kill them would spare millions over the flowing eons. When a Kraken does die, its body deteriorates all the damaged pieces, reforms, and simply becomes a new, young Kraken with an entirely new mind of its own. This process usually takes several days, giving the corpse time to sink to the bottom of the ocean and finish the process in relative safety. The new Kraken instinctively knows the Kraken’s language, the knowledge the previous Kraken had accumulated over its life, and that all creation is anathema and must be destroyed.

When Kraken do work together it is terrifying. Not only are they bringing their raw power together, but it guarantees they are doing it in such a way that is devastating for the world. For the only reason a Kraken would EVER consent to work with another is if it assured more havoc than they could wreak alone. Considering how much havoc an individual Kraken can bring, this is quite frankly a terrifying thing to behold.

Ecology of the Stream Kraken

The larger the Kraken, the more powerful, otherworldly and psychopathic it is. As such the Stream Kraken, who are quite small relative to their kin, are by far the most ‘normal’ Kraken. Unlike their kin, they not only eat, sleep and breathe, but they also age. The average Stream Kraken lives for a mere fifteen years in fact. As they need to mate, Stream Kraken even form primitive tribes under the water, where they house their young, eat their good, mate and sleep. Despite this, they still despise all living things and wish to kill everything they can get away with killing.

For the most part Stream Kraken live beneath the waves, and don’t emerge except when food underwater is scarce or if a particularly fool hearty youth wishes to prove their worth. This tradition is however broken by the traditional Blood Hunt. Once every ten years, the males of each tribe fight each other to prove who is stronger. The ones that emerge triumphant are given the honor of going onto land and hunting down the hated mortals of Volcanaan, most commonly the elves as intelligent creatures are considered prey much more worthy of praise than simple beasts. These hunting parties usually number somewhere between three and ten Kraken depending on the tribe and that generations quality of hunter. Aside from being a sacred ceremony honoring Sahu with bloody slaughter, this is also how a Stream Kraken mates. A hunter will bring back as many trophies as it can carry, and bestow them upon females that they desire. A trophy is usually the head of an enemy, or in some cases the entire corpse. If the female finds the trophy impressive enough, they will mate with the male and lay a clutch of eggs to create the next generation of Kraken. Since only the strongest males are part of the party, it guarantees that each generation of Stream Kraken is mightier than the next.

The Stream Kraken do not build or use tools, though there are rumors of some using crude spears to throw at range at pesky elves doing the same. One notable exception is that most Stream Kraken villages dig out a crude cave and decorate it as a temple to Sahu, molding an idol out of clay to worship. Some Stream Kraken even perform blood rites, going so far as to create their temple of the land so that they can sacrifice a living creature upon the altar without it drowning before hand. These are the minority though – most simple honor Sahu by praying before her form and slaughtering whatever life they can get a hold of.

Thankfully for the world at large, Stream Kraken villages tend to only number 30-50 members, and there are usually somewhere between seven and fifteen scattered across Volcanaan at any one time.

Ecology of the Magma Kraken

There is nothing the Magma Kraken requires other than the complete destruction of the world. They do not eat, drink or breathe. They do not require the company of their fellows, or to mate. They do not even need to move. They must simply see the world end, that is their only true desire. Unlike their ocean brethren, Magma Kraken play the long game. They don’t care for the simple destruction of a town, or a ship, or a continent. They seek to destroy as much as possible in a single move, to decimate the world in one fell attack. This is truly what makes a Magma Kraken dangerous. Not it’s size, it’s heated tentacles or the ability to shoot fireballs from is maw. No, it is it’s complete and utter patience, coupled with a mind boggling intellect and a complete disregard for a life, even its own.

Though they do not age, Magma Kraken do die. Whether it be in a fight, a freak crushing from a tectonic plate, accidentally emerging in a weak spot in the earth under the ocean and dieing in the resulting pressure explosion… it happens. When a Magma Kraken dies, its essence is returned to the core of the earth. It grows from a rock turned egg, and hatches roughly a century later in a new, smaller, younger form. Unlike its ocean brethren, this is the same Magma Kraken. A Magma Kraken CANNOT be killed through any means, for it can always just develop a new body to host its consciousness.

Upon emerging from its egg, tradition demand that the Magma Kraken partake in the Rite of Devouring. A Magma Kraken does not need to eat, and does not kill in a conventional sense. But it still must understand at least in part the Creation they seek to unravel, lest they risk falling into idleness and forgetting their true purpose in the safety and isolation of the planet’s core. As such the Magma Kraken emerges upon Volcanaan from its hatching place, and immediately sets up destroying and devouring as much as possible. It eats so that it may know what it is to eat, destroys so it may see what it is to destroy. It’s more a rite of perspective than one of passage, and once it has sated its fill of havoc the Magma Kraken slinks back into the planets core to begin its true mission. Some Magma Kraken find this rite so invigorating that they occasionally kill themselves just to regenerate and partake in it again, even though it means a catastrophic drop in power from being regenerate in a younger form. These Kraken are very rare though.

Once in the planets core again, a Magma Kraken studies. It swims the endless magma of the earth, simply thinking. Pondering. Working out how to destroy creation. And it is not simple idle thinking – it is truly deadly. Legend speaks of a Magma Kraken that once simply stopped swimming in a certain spot. It just sat there for millennia, its body growing but not once did it move. Eventually, it moved a rock over three inches, and tilted it on its side. The consequential change in the flow of the magma caused an earthquake that destroyed half a continent and killed millions of mortal lives. That is the true terror of a Magma Kraken, to know that something immortal that despises creation has an eternity to plan to end it, and the power to put those plans into action.

Kraken and Other Races

It matters not what kind of Kraken you attempt to consort with, you will die. A Kraken sees the entire world as a plague that must be cured, an insect hive that must be purged of its contents. They care not for physical goods, knowledge bar that which could destroy the world, or petty emotions (bar perhaps the Stream Kraken, and even then only in part). They simply want to kill everyone and everything. Some have tried to use that as a bargaining chip, saying they could end more lives if the Kraken let them live. The Kraken do not bargain with such as those – they believe only they truly have the power and resolve to do what must be done. If you see a Kraken, you will die if you cannot flee or defeat it. In other words, if you see a Kraken, you will die.

After the World

The Kraken believe that upon the destruction of the world, there will be nothing but water. In turn that water will boil away until there’s nothing at all. No ocean, no land, just the void. And from there the Kraken shall swim among the void, and begin a journey that could last millions or perhaps billions of years. Eventually they would find another world, and enter it. They would begin the process anew – to destroy this world as well. And so on and so forth until all of creation is destroyed. And when it is, they will simple swim among the void, content at last from their urges to destroy. Simply alone, forever, in the comfort of nothingness.


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