The Rose Wands

For each of the ten colors of rose, there is a wand which exemplifies their properties. The first time a rose of each color is picked by a mortal, it will harden into a wooden wand, and they will gain knowledge of its use. The wands are no harder to destroy than a rose carved of wood would be; however, if one is sundered, the next rose picked of that color will change to replace it.

Red: True Love, beauty, and passion. If those blessed by the red rose wand are truly in love, that love will never fade.

Pink: Sweetness, grace, and gentleness. No-one will willingly harm the bearer of the pink rose wand, so long as they do not themselves inflict harm.

Purple: Enchantment, glory, and splendor. The bearer of the purple rose wand can speak powerfully, and others will be more likely to follow.

Blue: Mystery, hope, and new beginnings. A new journey or undertaking blessed by the blue rose wand will likely succeed.

Green: Fertility, renewal, and regeneration. Sicknesses and injuries, both plant and animal, can be cured by the bearer of the green rose wand.

White: Sincerity, purity, and innocence. The bearer of the white rose wand cannot lie, but nor can those he is speaking to.

Yellow: Joy, gladness, and friendship. Those around the bearer of the yellow rose wand will remain in good cheer, and form fast bonds with one another.

Peach: Elegance, harmony, and peace. An angry man, or enraged animal, can be calmed by the bearer of the peach rose wand.

Orange: Brilliance, enthusiasm, and energy. The bearer of the orange rose wand need never sleep or rest.

Black: Death, sadness, and farewell. A dying man blessed by the black rose wand will pass quietly, in peace, with no pain.

The Rose Wands

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